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    Offer Valid: 08/15/2019 - 08/14/2020
    Whole House Quiet Cool Fan Installation - $100 Off
    At Titus Electrical Services , our trusted Longmont electricians can install the perfect whole house fan solution to help you save energy and enjoy advanced technology that really works. Our whole house fans are a revolutionary way to quietly and quickly remove stale air, hot air, and odors from your home.

    If you love to open the windows to enjoy a cool night breeze, a whole house fan will quickly pull all the hot air from the attic and create air flow through the windows. Your home will stay cooler for longer the next day too.

    Whole house fans are not new, but whole house fans that operate quietly and efficiently are. Old models are noisy and took a lot of power to run, so many people just never liked to use them.

    With our quiet model, you'll never hesitate to turn the whole house fan on. Just call us for a consultation today and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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