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Randi Fargen, Culture Index

Position: Executive Advisor/Owner

Years in Industry: 1

What is a podcast or book you would recommend? 9 Lies About Work

How long have you been a member of the Carbon Valley Chamber? 1 month

What was the first Chamber event you attended? October Luncheon

Why did you choose to join the Carbon Valley Chamber? I'm new to the area so the Chamber is a good way to become an integrated member of the community.

How has being a member of the Chamber benefitted you and/or your organization? Meeting community members and being able to build my network.

What Chamber event do you look forward to attending each year? I am looking forward to Casino night in January.

Is there a project your organization is currently working on that you are excited about? My business is brand new, so building my clientele and my network is very exciting right now.

How has your organization adapted to support your community and/or clients during the pandemic? I am here to help with employee retention and finding talent during the "War on Talent"

What is something you and/or your organization have accomplished this year that you are most proud of? Taking the leap and becoming a business owner

What are some ways you hope you and your organization can continue to support your community and/or clients? I can help by identifying the super powers of the people within organizations in the community and get those people into the right roles to help businesses achieve their strategic growth goals. .

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, hands down

Audio Book or Podcast? Podcast

Favorite Movie? The Martian

Favorite Book or Podcast? Dave Ramsey Podcast

Night Out or Night In? Night In (since having my baby)

Favorite Dessert? Red Velvet Cake

What is something you like to do in your free time? Take my dogs to the dog park for social time


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July 2022

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