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dawnn short, shortD's

Position: Owner/Roaster

Years in Industry: 21

How long have you been a member of the Carbon Valley Chamber? Joined Feb 2020, became a board member in 2021

What was the first Chamber event you attended? Business After Hours with Christina Clark

Why did you choose to join the Carbon Valley Chamber? I wanted to be more involved in my community.

How has being a member of the Chamber benefitted you and/or your organization? I have gotten to meet a lot of other industries/businesses/business owners that I would not have had the opportunity to meet on my own. And therefore in turn gotten to introduce a lot more people to ShortD's.

What Chamber event do you look forward to attending each year The Chamber Annual dinner was fun this year (yes, mostly cos we won Small Business of the Year) but since it wasn't held in 2021 due to Covid we didn't get to attend it previously. It was great to see everyone dressed up and having a good time outside of a work environment. But in honestly I really like, and look forward to the Before Hours - meeting and networking with other professionals and getting the day started on a positive note 🙂

Is there a project your organization is currently working on that you are excited about? We are currently in talks with a local restaurant to provide beans for them and their new food truck. We are super excited for this opportunity to bring ShortD's coffee to more people in our community.

How has your organization adapted to support your community and/or clients during the pandemic? ShortD's offers online ordering and contactless delivery of our products. We offer no-contact deliveries if anyone is uncomfortable with deliveries to their home, we can deliver their order to their front porch, leave in a milk box, or wherever is convenient for them. When orders are ready, we always contact our customer via text or email to give them a delivery window, it’s at this time I ask if they prefer no-contact delivery, and if so, where I can leave their order. For subscription customer we can leave where they request each time and just text/email the delivery timeframe so they know when we are coming and when to expect the "good stuff."

What is something you and/or your organization have accomplished this year that you are most proud of? We were able to organize our food truck friends and get trucks to donate time/product to the Louisville Rec Center each day, Mon through Sat, from Jan 3rd to the end of Feb for anyone affected by the Marshall Fire. With ShortD's taking our mobile trailer out every Monday, donating hot beverages for anyone affected by the fire and first responders. We were also able to work with our contact at the City of Louisville to coordinate 2 additional days we were at the Water Treatment Plant for the employees who were working around the clock to get water back online for the community. We even reached out to our friends at Daylight Donuts to donate and Linda gave without hesitation.

What are some ways you hope you and your organization can continue to support your community and/or clients? We have previously done many benefits and fundraisers locally for our community when needed. Such as several Puppy Adoption events at Mac-n-Charlie's (local pet supply business in Firestone) with Soul Dog Rescue out of Ft. Lupton. We donated/sponsored Tracy Graham's Shred-Hunger event, we are a continual sponsor for ReMax Nexus' Children's Hospital/Fall Festival with a Coffee Sponsorship, we are the Carbon Valley Half Marathon’s Coffee Sponsor, we donate to local schools when participating in their fall festivals and teacher/staff appreciation activities and are always available for donating gift baskets to local companies, schools, and various local fundraisings events. We look forward to continuing to support our community any way we can and hope those looking for partnership know they can count on ShortD’s when needed.

Coffee or Tea? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Favorite Movie? There are a few that I really enjoy various reasons, so hard to say which is most favorite.

Night Out or Night In? In... it's perfectly acceptable to be in jammies by 7pm, right??!!

Favorite Dessert? Ice Cream

What is something you like to do in your free time? When I have some free time I can let you know 😉


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July 2022

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